Fisheries Resources Institute Varna

INSTITUTE fisheries – Varna is a state research institute founded in 1932. From 1954 to present, the Institute has carried out continuous monitoring of seasonal Bulgarian Black Sea coast, including marine ecology, marine biodiversity and coastal lakes, eutrophication, phytoplankton, dynamic inventory of species and their trophic base, mining and weather, species populations genetic engineering. There are 12 researchers working with IFR units Hydrobiology and Ichthyology.
Member B.EN.A. – Greece EURASLIC – France, International Water Association and Library marine sciences – USA, International Water Association (IWA) – UK, European Foundation for Environmental Education (EEEF), Association for Danube Research (IAD), organzation Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the Black Sea Commission (BSC), the Union of Scientists in Bulgaria scientific and technical unions – Varna.
Ichthyology laboratory conducted a long-term research on key marine organisms including fish Species key as sprat, anchovy, horse mackerel, mullet, bluefish, etc. Gobies Their basic biological characteristics have been defined – reproduction parameters, mortality rates and biomass stocks. This was implemented by preleare Routine sampling, supervision methods based on hydroacoustic fish and ihtioplancton on providing biological variables in a certain time, estimates of biomass.
Varna aquarium
Varna aquariums presents more than 150 species of live exhibits from the Black Sea, freshwater fish, microorganisms, etc. Bulgarian and foreign scientists actively working well equipped laboratories. During the summer months students – naturalists do Hydrobiology and practical support, along with teachers, interesting biology courses. The collection of exhibits also includes exotic snails and sea shells – donations from around the world. Varna Aquarium enriches knowledge about life in Black Sea waters, building or improving environmental culture in society.
VARNA aquariums was built on the idea of ​​His Majesty King Ferdinand I 1906.Noua building was a refuge for troops, tracis shelter for many years, was used by the Naval Academy for two years, the school Fishing for eight years. After a major renovation in 1932 King Boris III His Majesty officially open with Acvuariul Marine Biological Station – Varna.